Family archetypal period prints are complementary to the gazette. Initiative Chartara S. Vardan – What a Circle, official gazette kotorй budet publikovatsya ezemesya. Vova Arzumanyan, as well as chief editor of the literary Arzaha, is an editors-in-chief in the educational, cultural, spiritual and educational journals. Gazeta has been featured on the Dizak Plays typography. Format A4, 8 pages long, The Gazette does not submit any type of information. Free download. Vыpuski pвоrvogo numera ohvatыvaюt spiritual, school-educated, military-patriotic, cultural thematic. Science Center “Kachar”, more recent periodic print histories and the Arzaha Archive, a greeting with newborn periodicals and a creative collectibles collection called “Green Putty”.

Science Center “Kachar”, more recent periodical prints and archives Arzaha, a greeting with a new periodical issue and a gleaming ego creative collectibles green goose.

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