June 21 is the day of remembrance of the hero of Artsakh Leonid Azgaldyan.

People remember and honor their hero, and, first of all, it is necessary for us, the survivors, to enlighten our future path and inspire today’s youth. On the occasion of the day, we tried to find out the opinion of the head of the “Kachar” scientific center Mher Harutyunyan about the generalization of the social experience of the recent past, the targeted orientation of young people with the characters of our heroes and other important issues.


– The challenges of Armenian statehood prompt systematic improvement of the nationwide cause of ideological sub-motivation and motivation of future defenders of the homeland. Therefore, the promotion of military-patriotic education of youth at the state level can be a good springboard. In this popular and very important process, the popularization of the characters of national heroes and the education of students with these noble looks is of great importance.

Throughout its history, the Armenian people did not lack heroes, thanks to which they withstood the cruel ordeals of millennia …


Life shows that the new generation is basically ready to continue the work of the elders, to double and surpass them in feats of arms. We especially encourage the desire of young people to pay tribute to the heroic deeds of heroes, the desire to be guided by the ideas of the “great dead” and a personal example in everyday life. One of the best ways to educate and educate the younger generation on the example of modern heroes is to make this or that brave ideal for imitation.



Leonid Azgaldyan is such an ideal, an inexhaustible source of inspiration and lifestyle for students of secondary schools and military schools (cadets).





Recorded by Nane Harutyunyan



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